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    Professor of Politics and The Richard L. Bready Chair for Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good at Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH.

    In this blog I'm highlighting signposts of the world in which we presently reside as a means of helping promote a civil, and meaningful dialogue about what kind of world in which we wish to live. I am particularly interested in exploring how might we reconcile the individual good and the common good, and where reconciliation isn’t possible, which should take precedence and why.

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My Heroes (Take 1): Camille Paglia

Posted by Dale Kuehne on March 15, 2017

During my lifetime I have had a few intellectual heroes. My first was versatile American novelist Walker Percy to whom I was introduced while in College. Then at Harvard Divinity School I learned from Dutch priest Fr. Henri Nouwen. During Graduate School I was blessed to be tutored by Jean Bethke Elshtain whom I was later blessed to count as a friend and colleague. Now, with Jean’s passing, Camille Paglia of the University of Pennsylvania has assumed the mantle of contemporary intellectual from whom I’d most like to take an advanced degree.

I’d settle for a long lunch, … mostly because she can’t settle for anything short.

What do my hero’s have in common? They each caught a wiff of something lethal and put it to words. Be describing death they also came to understand what it means to call forth life.

Too alarming now to talk about
Take your pictures down and shake it out
Truth or consequence, say it aloud
Use that evidence, race it around

There goes my hero
Watch her as she goes
There goes my hero
She’s ordinary

Don’t the best of them bleed it out
While the rest of them peter out
Truth or consequence, say it aloud
Use that evidence, race it around

There goes my hero
Watch her as she goes
There goes my hero
She’s ordinary

Kudos, my hero
Leaving all the best
You know my hero
The one that’s on

My Hero by the Foo Fighters from The Color and the Shape (1998)


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Jean Bethke Elshtain 1941-2013

Posted by Dale Kuehne on August 14, 2013

My heart breaks to learn of the death of Jean Bethke Elshtain of the University of Chicago and Georgetown University.

Not only did she have a foundational impact on my worldview, she was, and is, a role model for me of what it means to be a Scholar, Public Intellectual, and Christian.

She barely knew me, and yet was willing not just to read the manuscript of my book Sex and the iWorld, she also wrote the foreword. I later asked her why she took the risk of writing a foreword for a relatively unknown scholar and a very politically incorrect book. She replied by saying that it gave her a chance to write on a subject on which she had never published.

I am look forward to having an endless conversation with her in eternity. I pray that until then I can come to embody just a bit of what she professed.

From the moment you were born,
your death has walked beside you.
Though it seldom shows its face,
you still feel its empty touch
when fear invades your life,
or what you love is lost
or inner damage is incurred…

Yet when destiny draws you
into these spaces of poverty,
and your heart stays generous
until some door opens into the light,
you are quietly befriending your death;
so that you will have no need to fear
when your time comes to turn and leave,

that the silent presence of your death
would call your life to attention,
wake you up to how scarce your time is
and to the urgency to become free
and equal to the call of your destiny.

That you would gather yourself
and decide carefully
how you now can live
the life you would love
to look back on
from your deathbed.

For Death by John O’Donahue from To Bless the Space Between Us (2008)

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