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    Professor of Politics and The Richard L. Bready Chair for Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good at Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH.

    In this blog I'm highlighting signposts of the world in which we presently reside as a means of helping promote a civil, and meaningful dialogue about what kind of world in which we wish to live. I am particularly interested in exploring how might we reconcile the individual good and the common good, and where reconciliation isn’t possible, which should take precedence and why.

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The Christian Politician: The New Oxymoron

Posted by Dale Kuehne on June 21, 2017

UK Liberal-Democratic Party Leader Tim Farron steps away from politics on account of his faith.

He won’t be the last.

People of america
I bring you a great army
To preserve peace
In our empire
Throw them to the lions
Darling, let us go to the banouet hall…
There will be a great feast tonight!
Who are these christians?
What is this strange religion?

I’ ve heard it said they turn the other cheek
Ha ha ha ha
Throw them to the lions
Throw them to the lions
Throw them to the lions

Thumbs down
10 pieces of gold for every man
Hail caesar hail caesar
Grapes from sicily
Silks from asia minor
All the tea in china

Throw them to the lions
Throw them to the lions
Throw them to the lions
Who are these christians?
Turn the other cheek…
Ha ha ha ha ha

Two thumbs down
The christians are restless
Why not let them worship their god?
No one believes in the old gods
How tiresome…attending the rituals
Paying lip service to the portents
Burning incense at their shrine
No one believes in the old gods

Throw them to the lions
Throw them to the lions
Throw them to the lions

The roman empire the glory of rome
Hail all hail
Caesar…caesar…beware beware the ides of march
Who is this man?
Caesar…he is but a soothsayer…he is old
And his brain is addled… pay him no mind!
Throw him to the lions! ha ha ha ha ha ha
Hail caesar! emperor of rome hail caesar!
Caesar…caesar…beware the ides of march
Eh?! who is this man?
Caesar…he is but an old soothsayer…addled in his brain
Pay him no mind

Throw him to the lions! ha ha ha ha
Throw him to the lions!

No one believes in the old gods…
The empire is tired…caesar will rest now
We depart for my chambers
Come darling
“yes caesar”
Caesar will rest now
Hail rome hail caesar hail
Put him in the fiery pit
Ha ha ha ha!

Caesar by Iggy Pop from American Caesar (1993)


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