Relationships in a World of Individualism

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    The rWorld is about more than Dale Kuehne's book Sex and the iWorld.
    The rWorld is a New England based, non-profit (in formation), that is composed of a growing number of people and organizations from many faith and ideological backgrounds worldwide. We believe that much of the fulfillment for which women and men are looking can be found by enhancing the quality of our relationships. While the individual freedom we enjoy in the West is a gift, the love and intimacy for which humans yearn will not be found in self-serving materialism or hedonism, but in a variety of healthy relationships.

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  • Dale Kuehne

    Sex & the iWorld

    Professor of Politics and The Richard L. Bready Chair for Ethics, Economics, and the Common Good at Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH.

    In this blog I'm highlighting signposts of the world in which we presently reside as a means of helping promote a civil, and meaningful dialogue about what kind of world in which we wish to live. I am particularly interested in exploring how might we reconcile the individual good and the common good, and where reconciliation isn’t possible, which should take precedence and why.

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[Content Caution]

In an effort to take note of contemporary trends in thought and lifestyle, Signpostings will periodically post entries that contain profanity and/or sexually explicit references. If everyone was comfortable with the depictions of violence, sex, and lifestyles found on the ABC Family Channel, or for that matter, the Bible, there would be no need of this caution. We live in a culture, however, that lacks consensus on what is acceptable and is struggling to define boundaries. Signpostings introduces such material into the conversation in a spirit of reflective consideration — to help us look at the world as it is, and encourage thoughtful and respectful interaction as we consider what it could become. Such postings are not sanitized, but neither are they gratuitous.

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