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Whoever it Was Who Brought Me Here I Will Have to Bring Home

Posted by Dale Kuehne on February 14, 2014

A German Court rules that a child must pay the financial cost of caring for an aged parent, even though the parent disowned him as an adult.


Governments recognize they cannot afford to bear the costs associated with the decline of family even though they don’t know how to redeem the family.

The ashtrays are full, and today’s somehow sunk
I’d ask for a sign but the prophets are drunk
The sirens are telling the news of the night
Girls waiting for taxis have started to fight
And maybe a genie will quietly appear
But whoever it was that brought me here
Will have to take me home

And the glory is missing from this hollow room
Like a bride who knew better and jilted the groom
I’m trying to work out what it is I should be
A dented saint searching for some sanctuary
I’m remembering grace and the things I hold dear
But whoever it was that brought me here
Will have to take me home

Take me home…

Now the clowns and clairvoyants are aiming at true
In the babble, the rabble, I’m still headed for you
Those masters of war never did go away
And though the bleak sky is burdened I’ll pray anyway
And though irony’s drained me I’ll now try sincere
Cause whoever it was that brought me here
Yeah whoever it was
Yeah whoever it was
Whoever it was that brought me here
Will have to take me home…

Whoever It Was Who Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home by Stewart Henderson and Martyn Joseph from the Self-titled CD (2003)


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