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Delivering the Male: Western Civilization in the Balance

Posted by Dale Kuehne on December 28, 2013

Camille Paglia explains why ignoring/disregarding the biological differences between men and women threatens the survival of Western Civilization.

Notably, Paglia is a radical feminist raising a son from a previous lesbian relationship.

She “came out” before Stonewall. When so doing carried a tremendous personal cost.

Why does it take lesbian radical feminist to say something so unremarkable yet courageous?

Why did we expel the male and why are there so few looking to invite him back?

Take your mind back – I don’t know when
Sometime when it always seemed
To be just us and them
Girls that wore pink
And boys that wore blue
Boys that always grew up better men
Than me and you

What’s a man now – what’s a man mean
Is he rough or is he rugged
Is he cultural and clean
Now it’s all change – it’s got to change more
’cause we think it’s getting better
But nobody’s really sure

And so it goes – go round again
But now and then we wonder who the real men are

See the nice boys – dancing in pairs
Golden earring golden tan
Blow-wave in the hair
Sure they’re all straight – straight as a line
All the gays are macho
Can’t you see their leather shine

You don’t want to sound dumb – don’t want to offend
So don’t call me a faggot
Not unless you are a friend
Then if you’re tall and handsome and strong
You can wear the uniform and I could play along

And so it goes – go round again
But now and then we wonder who the real men are

Time to get scared – time to change plan
Don’t know how to treat a lady
Don’t know how to be a man
Time to admit – what you call defeat
’cause there’s women running past you now
And you just drag your feet

Man makes a gun – man goes to war
Man can kill and man can drink
And man can take a whore
Kill all the blacks – kill all the reds
And if there’s war between the sexes
Then there’ll be no people left

And so it goes – go round again
But now and then we wonder who the real men are

Real Men by Joe Jackson from Night and Day (1982)


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