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Love in the Ruins

Posted by Dale Kuehne on December 18, 2012

One of my favorite books is Love in the Ruins: the Adventures of a Lapsed Catholic at a Time Near the End of the World by Walker Percy (1971). In the book he describes the life of Dr. Tom More who has invented a machine called the lapsometer. The lapsometer has the ability to correct the fallen nature in each of us, but unfortunately the device falls into the hands of the US Government and ends up being used by the government to further encourage all of us to pursue our own self-interest.

In my latest sharewik blog I explore how we’ve come to a point where for more and more of us love is in the ruins. But I also speak to the good news that no matter where and in what condition we find ourselves, love can be found and bring us forward. There is love in the ruins. Despite its title it is an Advent meditation, as Advent is a time of fasting and preparation for receiving Christ as King. We’ve gathered enough evidence by now that we need someone other than each other, to help us find the promised land.

The sky was falling,
Heaven was calling.
When danger crashes,
Rose from the ashes.

Like two statues hidden inside ancient rock,
We were praying for the secrets to unlock.
And when the sun had turned it’s back on us,
In the dark our love kept track of us,
Pushed together by the lack of love.

The sky was falling,
Heaven was calling.
When danger crashes,
Rose from the ashes.

We held each other tightly through our hell of dreams.
I still hear the never-ending echo of those screams.
But it’s a life not made for reliving,
It’s a life that makes your soul forgiving.
We sealed our bond from the beginning.

Aching, affection,
Vulnerable protection;
Falling, captured,
Crawling, rapture.

The sky was falling,
Heaven was calling.
When danger crashes,
Rose from the ashes.

Love Among the Ruins by 10000 Maniacs from self-titled CD (1997)


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