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New Hampshire Primary 2012 Pre-Mortum: The Candidates Presumed on Us

Posted by Dale Kuehne on January 10, 2012


This is a picture of the Ward 2 Polling Site in Manchester, NH at Noon today. On every other primary day it would be filled with supporters five deep holding signs and chanting for their candidates. Never before have I gone to vote with so little commitment from the campaigns.

Those who know me know that I am a passionate supporter of the New Hampshire Primary. I deplore a political system where only people with money can compete. I deeply appreciate the independence of the voter of New Hampshire. As I talk to voters today they displayed the thoughtfulness I’ve come to appreciate among NH voters.

But the campaigns presumed on us today. Save Ron Paul, and to a lesser degree Jon Huntsman, there is virtually no personally held signage anywhere I’ve been.

I grant Santorum had virtually no organization here. But there is enough of a culturally conservative base here that could have been mobilized. Newt? No excuse. How do you get the Union-Leader endorsement and not lay it all on the line? Romney? I am speechless. Perry? He gets a pass.

Is it the case that the campaigns allowed the polls to dictate their enthusiasm?

Is it the case the campaigns decided that it was only money and advertising that mattered?

Will the voters acquiesce?

If so this is a sad day for New Hampshire.

A sad day for America.

A sad day for the Republican party.

A sad day for democracy in the 21st Century.


2 Responses to “New Hampshire Primary 2012 Pre-Mortum: The Candidates Presumed on Us”

  1. Mom said

    Almost the same picture here, Dale. One person holding a Romney sign and a bunch of enthusiastic young people waving Huntsman signs and thanking every person for voting when we exited.

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