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Geo-Politics 2012: Is it 1932 all over again?

Posted by Dale Kuehne on January 2, 2012

For the next 10 days leading up to the New Hampshire Primary, Signpostings will be dedicated to covering the New Hampshire Primary, and blogging live from the ABC debates at Saint Anselm College next Saturday night.

As Iowa and New Hampshire and the rest of the country goes to the polls in the days and months ahead gaining perspective on the state of the world is of singular importance.

Elections Matter.

Despite the spin we get from all sides, what is the state of the world and what are the issues which must be addressed well?

Here is a reflection from the UK. If you get beyond the sensationalism of the headlines (designed to sell papers) this journalist offers much to consider.

Campaign Slogans from the 1932 US Presidential Campaign

I Propose a New Deal — 1932 slogan by democratic presidential candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt.

We are Turning the Corner — 1932 campaign slogan in the depths of the Great Depression by Republican president Herbert Hoover.

2 Responses to “Geo-Politics 2012: Is it 1932 all over again?”

  1. Chris Clark said

    What would/does the face of that response look like? I read the article and tremble, and now I waver between wanting to step up and putting together a survivalist kit. As a rather ordinary American, what can I do in the next year to avoid another 1932?

  2. dalekuehne said

    Without wanting to be trite or insincere I think the best response to the challenges of the moment is to be the Church. There is no recession on love and there is no recession on relationship. At a moment when it becomes too expensive or possible to be as economically independent as we have been, it is a wonderful opportunity for Christians to invite the world into our lives and to live the way we are called. I fear neither the religious right or left gets this. Politics matters. Public policy matters. But the Church is the place where we can be rooted and sustained every day of our lives no matter what comes down.

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