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Menopause Found Me

Posted by Dale Kuehne on August 31, 2011

Here is my latest sharewik blog in which I explore male menopause. My editor, a woman, asked me to consider writing a light-hearted blog on female menopause. As I do not go where angels won’t, I took a look at myself.

The Mid-Life Crisis Male Menopause Blues

When you’re way past your peak and it’s all downhill,
And you’re wondering what to do, ’cause you need a new thrill,
Maybe get a fast bike, re-live your wild youth,
Though your salad days are long gone, ain’t that the truth,
When all the sweet things are taken, and you can’t pick and choose,
You got those mid-life crisis, male menopause blues…..

When you’re feelin’ worn down, too many cares on your shoulders,
You thought you’d get wiser, but you just got older,
And your woman says, you need to lose a few pounds,]
So you head off to the bar for a couple of rounds,
You can’t play your guitar, ’cause your fingers ain’t loose,
You got those mid-life crisis, male menopause blues……

Now the years are flowing by and you got nothing to show,
The world’s spinning faster, but you’re moving too slow,
Your kid didn’t ask you, just borrowed your keys,
So you run down the street, you’re beginning to wheeze,
Pick yourself up and stare at the bruise,
You got those mid-life crisis, male menopause blues.

Mid-Life Crisis Male Menopause Blues by Blueline/Vic Lewis/Chris C


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