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Women Aging Twice as Fast as Men

Posted by Dale Kuehne on April 18, 2011

Girls over the hill at 15.

Its time for men to grow up.

Every man should read the following lyric and take it to heart. One of Martyn Joseph’s most requested songs … by women.

You stand now in the pension queue
With secrets of the former you
The hand held strolls on seaside piers
The dinner dances, and the tears.

The hen nights and the going dutch
The skin that men so longed to touch
The stomach howl of childbirth
The never knowing what you’re worth

This being woman, being old
Invisible, and unsaid gold
Still sensuous with mystery
The silk of who you’ve yet to be.

And you remember tumbling things
The fresh and fluid light of Spring
The fractious children, midnight mass
The almost lover’s heady pass

Saving for that summer cruise,
And every month the piercing blues
Lipsticks bought, that cashmere coat
The husband gone without a note.

The Christmas shopping on your own
The ecstasy you should have known
The dreams and dust of wedding vows
The silent darkness, funerals, rows.

The albums full of photographs
The sunflowers and the mountain paths
The olive groves, the gasping kiss
Too much time to reminisce

The jewelry with that silver cross
The cherry sunsets, and the loss
The role of mother, friend and wife
This gallery of all your life

This Being Woman; words by Stewart Henderson, music by Martyn Joseph from Whoever It Was Who Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home. (2003)


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