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Can You See The Real Me? Can You?

Posted by Dale Kuehne on March 1, 2011

In the United States we have such uncertainty about personal identity that we have decided to stop putting gender status on our passports.

The logical conclusion of the quest to discover personal identity in the iWorld is to live as though we can each discover who we are, ask friends and family to respect our decision, and expect the Government to recognize and legitimize our unique identity.

The approach sets us up for failure, and worse.

In its attempt to not offend, the government was compelled to create a neutered passport. (What are we going to say about ourselves in the next census?)

Neutering identity in the name of identity is none-sensical.

We can do better, and I consider how in my latest entry.

Is it me? For a moment
The stars are falling.
The heat is rising
The past is calling.

Dr. Jimmy by Pete Townshend from Quadrophenia (1974)

(Many thanks to Simon Fowler for his 30 day series examining relational living. We look forward to his next series)

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