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Rebooting (Take 2)

Posted by Dale Kuehne on November 20, 2010

As I continue to suffer the torment of extracting soon to be lost files from a nearly brain-dead hard-drive, I came across this signpost. It is a Pew Foundation report concerning the decline of marriage in the United States.

What will be the long-term impact of the “new families” on children. The iWorld is terrific at accommodating the changing desires of adults, but at what cost to our children? To use the words of John O’Donohue, are they destined for shelter or torn places?

A Blessing As A Child Enters the World

As I enter my new family,
May they be delighted
At how their kindness
Comes into blossom

Unknown to me and them,
May I be exactly the one
To restore in their forlorn places
New Vitality and promise.

May the hearts of others
Hear again the music
In the lost echoes
Of their neglected wonder.

If my destiny is sheltered,
May the grace of this privilege
Reach and bless the other infants
Who are destined for torn places.

If my destiny is bleak,
May I find in myself
A secret stillness
And tranquility
Beneath the turmoil.

May my eyes never lose sight
Of why I have come here,
That I never be claimed
By the falsity of fear
Or eat the bread of bitterness.

In everything I do, think,
Feel, and say,
May I allow the light
Of a world I am leaving
To shine through and carry me home.

From John O’Donohue’s, To Bless the Space Between Us (Doubleday, 2008)

The number one public policy challenge of the rWorld concerns the well-being of children.


One Response to “Rebooting (Take 2)”

  1. Ann F-R said

    Dale, I also appreciate that O’Donohue allows for the good, “tranquility”, to reside/develop within those who were born to or experienced the “torn places”. Given that tranquility, may there grow strength that they may become shelter for others in their own lives! Thank you for posting this beautiful poem!

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