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Of a subtle sweetness in the sun (Love and the rWorld, Part 1)

Posted by Dale Kuehne on October 29, 2010

Of a subtle sweetness in the sun by Leah Kuehne Oil on Paper

Continued from Thursday …

If triple bottom line thinking is a fundamental principle of the rWorld, what is the foundation of the rWorld?


That is the answer and the problem.

The iWorld has mostly forgotten what love means.

Presently love is understood to be romance and sexual expression.

Jane Austin meets Eros.

This reduces love to feeling and sensation.

If God is love there is so much more to love.

The Greeks had four words for love that depicted for different dimensions.

Eros (The sense of being in love, not narrowly limited to sexual expression)
Storge (Affection achieved through closeness)
Phileo (Deep friendship)
Agape (Charity, sacrificial love)

They have a much fuller understanding of love than the iWorld.

But whose to say they got it right?

A student once told me there are at least 19 different words for love. I asked her, Why?

She replied, Why wouldn’t there be? If God is love why would we expect God to be merely 4 dimensional?

At that moment she removed a log from my eye.

If love were an iceberg it would be an exaggeration to say that we can see even its tip.

If love is divine, there is so much we do not see or comprehend.

So if the rWorld is based on love. What is love?

To be continued ….


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