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Against the Dying Light (Intermezzo, Part 2)

Posted by Dale Kuehne on October 20, 2010

Against the Dying Light by Leah Kuehne Oil on Paper

(continued from yesterday)

I believe the word that best defines the moment in which we live is denial.

I see denial in parents who do not want to acknowledge how their children are being impacted by the iWorld via the internet, the ABC Family Channel, MTV, and a public educational system that believes children can be taught to make good choices without teaching them the meaning of the word good.

I see denial in a society that believes the decline in marriage will not negatively impact children, and seems unwilling to look at any solution other than laizze-faire child-rearing.

I see denial on the part of medical professionals who profess there is such a thing as “Safe Sex” when for most sexually transmitted diseases (other than AIDS) the more sexual partners a person has increases the likelihood that sex will be unhealthy even if a condom is used.

I see denial in politicians and citizens who believe they can spend their way out of public and private debt.

I see denial in many churches and denominations that people of a variety of sexual orientations would not find love or Christ in their churches. I see denial from the other corners of Christendom that the Bible really has nothing to say about sex except loving monogamy.

I wanted to name my book, “Standing on the Threshold of an Inconceivable Age.”

That sentiment hasn’t changed.

But, like Cornel West, I may not be optimistic about the future, but I am hopeful.

To be continued …..


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