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Fashion Trends

Posted by Dale Kuehne on February 6, 2010

Taking Body Painting to New Heights (Air New Zealand)

Redefining Modesty


One Response to “Fashion Trends”

  1. Lauren Fithian said

    No redefinition of modesty. We can see much more on TV any time! This is nothing more than a very effective airplane safety video. Bravo to Air New Zealand. I watched all the way through because this safety video is cute and humorous. It takes only a few moments to realize that we are NOT going to get any full view of anyone in the video. The facial expressions etc… of the employees were quirky and enjoyable to watch, the dialogue is fun. I’m flying Air New Zealand to New Zealand this coming summer. It will be interesting to note whether fellow passengers are paying attention to the video instead of reading their newspapers and books or sleeping through it like they usually do.

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