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The New Goodnight Kiss

Posted by Dale Kuehne on January 29, 2010

[Content Caution]
This is Not Cameron Crowe’s Ridgemont High


2 Responses to “The New Goodnight Kiss”

  1. Oral sex is the new goodnight kiss’ from Canadian filmmaker Sharlene Azam &

    Ms Azam spent four years investigating this widespread but below-the-radar phenomenon, which she views as ‘the meltdown of our culture’.

    In this expose, there is ubiquitous oral sex AKA ‘hookups’ which are completely divorced from any notion of a ‘relationship’ or even liking the person. These hook-ups operate on a purely orgasmic level. Girls who are hooking come from the middle classes and are as young as 11 or 12. They ‘do it’ out of as well as during the school day and on school property (like in the loos), often for ‘goods’, money, status, etc. The numbers of partners they will have by the end of their teen years is worryingly high. Finally, there is the emergence of juvenile prostitution rings run by either older girls or lads who are the pimps. The social/verbal engineering feat which has helped facilitate this is the removing of the notion of ‘sex’ from ‘oral sex’, which is then spoken of in terms of ‘blow jobs’ (for males) or ‘going down on’ (for females), and thus perceived of as ‘no big deal’.

    What is alarming is that these girls obviously do not know what they are letting themselves in for. And even more alarming is that they are not being given the full data on the toxicity of oral sex and its long-term consequences. (And in passing, the whitewashing of the consequences from other modes of sexual activity is equally alarming. One example is how even if a female is ‘cured’ of chlamydia (which is the most prevalent bacterial STI now and one which causes infertility if not treated) she may be still be infertile because of the presence of a little protein called HSP; see Miriam’s sex ed book below for more.)

    Oral sex damages. It greatly increases one’s chances of getting STIs like herpes and HPV and oral cancers (largely unknown in this age group before now) & alters one’s brain neurochemistry and ability to bond in the future, not to mention the moral, spiritual and other psychological price tags which accompany it.

    For more, see You’re teaching my child what? A physician exposes the lies of sex education and how they harm your child by Miriam Grossman, MD (2009);

    Also by Dr Grossman, Unprotected: A Campus Psychiatrist Reveals How Political Correctness in Her Profession Endangers Every Student (2007);
    Dr Grossman’s website is:

    See also Hooked: New Science on how casual sex is affecting our children by Drs McIlhaney Jr and McKissic Bush (2008);

    Laura Sessions Stepp, Unhooked: How young women pursue sex, delay love and lose at both (2007); also Dr Meg Meeker: and

    Could this be circulated? I have long been worried about this wave. And just yesterday I found out that one of my 15 yr olds has just come out ‘bi’ and is doing ‘stuff’, so it is rather close to home at the moment.

  2. This book tells a story that is heart-breaking, tragic, evil and frightening, all at once.

    It’s really frightening to see what our children and their children may face, even if only indirectly. How naive we were, it seems, when we were young.

    May we be given the wisdom and discernment to protect those whom we love, and the eyes to see & the courage to reach out to those girls at risk.

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